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Tired of dealing with faulty silt fences?
Turboscape has a better solution!!!

Turboscape is a local installer for Filtrexx erosion control. Our expanding toolbox of compost erosion control products includes the use of FilterMedia™ and Growing Media that is custom installed within mesh FilterSoxx™. The FilterSoxx™ allow for the loose organic products to be contained and provide many environmental benefits. Our products are used as silt fence alternatives, straw bale replacements or as a substitute for other BMP’s commonly used on construction sites. Filtrexx is the only company that has maintained a quality standard by Certifying the installers in the field as well as the products used in those applications. This process has allowed Filtrexx to make the claim of ‘The Certified Standard in Erosion Control’.

Click on the links below for some samples of previous Filtrexx ® projects:

FMCB Marryville    Lee Branch of South Elkhorn Creek

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