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What is Turboscape?

Turboscape has an exceptional blowing system that allows us to spread large quantities of organic material in a small amount of time which will save you labor costs and streamline your business. Even the largest mulching projects can be brought down to size. With a range of over 300 feet, inacessible areas, such as steep embankments, can be covered quickly and easily with mulch, compost or soil mixes. We can spread mulch, playground chips, compost or soil mixes for landscaping, lawn restoration, erosion control, and much more.

Turboscape is faster, more efficient, and safer

If you have a large area in need of groundcover, it could take 20 men days or weeks to complete your project. Not to mention the wasted time spreading and loading, then the hours of cleanup afterward. With Turboscape, one person can blow 55 cubic yards per hour with little or no cleanup. read more

Erosion Control

  Turn this eroding hillside . . . into this!

  Turboscape is also an installer of Filtrexx® erosion control. Filtrexx® is the certified standard in erosion control and founder and sponsor of the U.S. Composting Council's Clean Water Award. Filtrexx® is an innovative solution provider to erosion and sediment control. When vegetated, Filtrexx products become successful streambank restoration devices, slope revegatation methods, and attractive landscape features. read more

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