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Spreading acres of groundcover is now easier than ever!

Remember the good old days of spreading acres of groundcover? It would take 20 men days or even weeks to finish a project. Not to mention the time wasted loading, spreading, and cleaning up afterwords.

The old days of spreading groundcover are over! With Turboscape, large projects can be conquered in just a matter of hours, not days or weeks with little or no clean up.

For topdressing turf or installing lawns, Turboscape is the most efficient way to uniformly spread a fine layer of compost, or to apply soil mixes injected with seed or other soil enhancements. Our supplement injection system allows you to inject any number of granular soil enhancers or weed inhibitors while you are blowing.

Use Turboscape for all your residential or commercial groundcover needs, such as:

  • top soil
  • mulch
  • seed
  • wood chips
  • compost
  • topsoil/overseeding

A remote control monitors the spreading rate, for areas with delicate plants and flowers. Equipped with a hose 100's of feet long, Turboscape eliminates tire tracks from wheelbarrows.
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